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The Carola Association supports the initiative launched in Székely Land (Székelyföld) in Spring 2019, the purpose of which is to teach primary and secondary school children about environmental awareness. Last year, organizers of the Sun Gate (Napkapu) programme initiated a donation scheme with the intention of foresting a hectare of land. Thanks to the donations, this March they planted 5000 saplings in an area next to Őrkő mine in Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy).

Éva Tulit came up with the idea for the programme and she was joined by the Community Foundation Háromszék and Balassi Institute as partners and experts in the field. The initiative was launched last autumn with environmental educational classes attended by nearly 500 students from October to December. This was followed by the sapling planting scheme, the land for which came from the local mayor’s office.

Originally, the plan was for the students involved in the programme to help in planting the saplings. However, the pandemic ruined that idea so in the end the work was done by professional tree planters. Five people worked for three days in order to plant the 1500 maple and wild cherry, and 3500 oak saplings in the ground.
The organizers would like to expand the forest with a further 2000 saplings each year. Another element of the Sun Gate programme is the extension of the contemporary sculpture set up in the local memorial park to 1956. Each year the sculpture is supplemented with a new section, through which the organizers are symbolizing the progress of the project.


Source of the highlighted image on the canonical page: erdely.ma (Sun Gate Environmental Teaching Programme)