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Carola Szilvássy - Biography

Carola Szilvássy was wife of Baron Elemér Bornemissza and the most radiant figure of Transylvanian aristocratic society before the Second World War.

Amál Berde - Biography

Amál Berde, celebrated as one of the leading painters of her day, was born in Câțcău (Kackó), Transylvania, in 1886.

Antonina de Gerando - Biography

Born in Paris in 1845, Antonina de Gerando dedicated her entire life to education, and she was the first headmistress of the Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár) girls’ school.

Augusta Paton - Biography

János Kemény and his wife of Greek descent, Augusta Paton, dedicated themselves to the preservation of the Hungarian language and culture.

Carola Szilvássy – Illustrated Diary

During the First World War Carola worked as a volunteer nurse and every day made notes in her diary about what had happened.

Recipes of Carola Szilvássy

It is worth looking in on Carola Szilvássy’s virtual kitchen and trying out her remarkable cooking.

Works by Antonina de Gerando

We pick from works by Antonina de Gerando such as Music Theory and the School of Singing, Domestic Science and Educational Science.

Antonina de Gerando – Domestic Science

Antonina de Gerando filled a gap in textbooks when she wrote Domestic Science (1883), excerpts of which we include in this article.