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Baroness Elemér Bornemissza, Carola Szilvássy was a leading figure of Transylvanian aristocratic life prior to the Second World War. The work Candid Notes of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár) (Kendőzetlen feljegyzések Kolozsvárról) published in July 2019 includes her manuscripts, correspondence and documents of the period. Zsuzsa Szebeni, chair of the board of trustees of the Carola Association, and Kata Molnár-Bánffy, managing director of the association, presented the book outlining the career of this remarkable woman at an event at Tusványos.

“Now is the moment for Carola Szilvássy to occupy her rightful place in Hungarian cultural history. I believe that with this book about her life and through the activities of the association bearing her name, we are not only making amends for her but for all those women who have been pushed into the background, since history has been written by men,” said Kata Molnár-Bánffy.

The main section of Candid Notes of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár) is made up of the wartime diary of Carola Szilvássy, but there is also mention of sport and theatre life. During the presentation, Târgu Mureș actress Katalin Berekméri read extracts from the book.
The eponym’s “versatility, social sensitivity, activities designed to promote the survival of the nation, her sporting achievements and journeys of exploration are in themselves definitely worthy of a book, yet even so the picture is still not complete,” Zsuzsa Szebeni revealed.

The work is the fruit of her dedication and it is possible that it will be followed by a sequel, since it turned out that not all surviving manuscripts and correspondence could fit into a single volume.